Yes, we are missing competitions this year! So we spent a Saturday with Smokin’ Black Jack BBQ in Johnston County to learn more about making barbecue the traditional way, over wood. Ashley Wheeler and Trent Howell walk us through the process. Watch the video to follow along! Check out this brochure for more instructions and […]

Around the World of BBQ

UPDATE: Cookers will remain cold for a while longer.

As much as we all want to cook pigs and eat barbecue, the current COVID-19 crisis is having impacts on spring contests. We encourage each organizing committee to talk to your emergency management teams and local health department to make the decision that is best for your local community. We will support you in whatever […]

A barbecue love story

Carla Dail bought a pig cooker for her then-husband in 2006 and shortly after they began entering whole hog barbecue cookoffs. The barbecue community is nothing if not welcoming, and they found that every competitor was more than willing to offer advice and share their tips and tricks with the newcomers. As you can imagine, […]

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