37th Annual Newport Pig Cookin’ Contest

March 27 - 28, 2015 Newport Town Park Newport, NC

The  Pig Cookin’ in Newport is a competition of 80+ cooks all trying to cook a perfect pig and use their secret sauce hoping to be judged  # 1. There is food, free entertainment, crafts, rides and fun for the whole family.

The cooks get their hogs Friday evening after the Chief Cooks meeting at 7:00pm and it is up to them and their strategy as to when they start cooking.  The judging will begin 8:00 Sat. morning.   The judges go to each tent site and have a list to follow as to what they are looking for in a cooked pig.  They mark their score sheets and all are tallied and the winners are announced around 1:00pm on Saturday.

 After a pig is judged, it is taken to the chopping tent and workers there prepare it  for the barbecue plates that start selling Sat. at 11:00am.  The plates consists of chopped pork with our own barbecue sauce, eastern style, hushpuppies, baked beans and coleslaw.  We have 2 serving lines and a drive through on the main street to keep the process moving quickly.

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Jim Bristle
(252) 241-3488

Jim “Mac” McCoy
VP Cooks & Sponsors
(252) 342-9889
PO Box 1265
Newport, Nc 28570

Doris Oglesby
VP Corporate Sponsors
(252) 726-3712