Barbecue Summit + Cookoff

February 22, 2020 Lenoir County Cooperative Extension Office Kinston


  1. David Grandy
  2. Wesley Bowers
  3. Kevin Peterson



Cooks competing in the Summit Cookoff:

  • David Grandy – 1st place / previously qualified
  • Wesley Bowers – 2nd place / previously qualified
  • Kevin Peterson – 3rd place / previously qualified
  • Billy Perry – Qualified for state
  • Andrew Harrison
  • Garrett Strickland
  • Brooke South
  • David Murray
  • Ryan Murphy
  • John Kearney

As part of the judging clinic, we will be have a small cookoff.  Each pig will be publicly discussed by the judges as to it’s merits and the four-judge panel will explain how and why they judge like they do. After judging, you will need to chop or mince your meat. Sauce will be provided. The top three pigs will be used for lunch for the Barbecue Summit and the rest of the meat will be sold by the Lenoir County 4-H program to raise money for their livestock programs.

This will be an indoor cookoff, held inside the Lenoir County Livestock Arena. There is plenty of ventilation provided by the roll up doors. Placement will be first-come, first served due to the nature of the building. If you want to be beside someone in particular, you need to arrive at the same time, or wait to be placed.
To ensure participation and to not take away from other contests, the entry fee was kept low. Please do not choose this contest instead of a local contest. Cash prizes will be announced for the onsite/culinary only. There will not be any other prize categories.

* Only the first 10 cooks to submit their entry fee will be allowed to compete. Forms are processed in order of timestamp on credit card payment.
* Chief Cook must be at least 13 years old. Any cook younger than 16 must have an adult present at all times. The bulk of the work must be done by the chief cook.
* The Cookoff Committee reserves the right to reject any application. If your application is not accepted, the $100 fee will be refunded. Once accepted, NO refunds will be made except in extenuating circumstances.
* The NC Pork Council, Lenoir County Cooperative Extension office, their employees, representatives and contractors shall not be responsible or liable for the property of any team, any loss, damage or injury occurring to any team, or its representatives. All property of the teams shall be under the care, custody and control of the team whether in transit to, from or within the Barbecue Summit Cookoff.
* Rules are subject to change. Refer to the website, for any rule changes.


Questions? Email Jen Kendrick.


Cooks, judges and festival organizers are invited to join us for our third annual day of learning, fellowship and whole hog barbecue and our first-ever summit cookoff!

Current and prospective judges
Not only is this your chance for a refresher or to get on the path to being a sanctioned judge, it’s a chance to meet a few festival organizers, too, and show your enthusiasm for the coveted position of barbecue judge! To stay on the judges list, you need to attend the summit at least every two years if you are not actively judging. Registration fee is $20 through Feb. 15, then increases to $25. Registration includes informational sessions and handouts, lunch and a gift.

Judges on the Whole Hog Barbecue circuit are tough! This is your chance to get clarifications on the rules and learn exactly what the judges are looking for. Registration fee is $20 through Feb. 15, then increases to $25. Registration includes informational sessions and handouts, lunch and a gift.

Festival organizers
We’ve noticed that not everyone is on the same page when it comes to current rules and information. So this is a chance for you to learn what you need to know and get to know others. While we might all host a competition, there isn’t a competition amongst festivals. We all want to succeed! Also, bring registration forms and pass them out to cooks for on-site sign ups! FREE REGISTRATION for all organizers who sign up by Jan. 15, 2020.


Jen Kendrick