BBQ on the Bluff

April 29 - 30, 2022 Fair Bluff


  1. Kevin Peterson
  2. Charlie Meeks
  3. Dana Peterson

Bluff Chamber of Commerce are planning a BBQ Cooking Competition, to be held in Fair Bluff,  April 29-30, 2022. This will be our 10th annual, featuring some of the finest BBQ Cooks in North and South Carolina.  We hope you can join us at BBQ on the Bluff, and see skills in the fine art of outdoor cooking.


#1 Showtime Legit— Kevin Peterson

#2  Captain Charlie’s Cooks—Charlie Meeks

#3. Yabotit Cue–Dana Peterson

#4. Pickin & Grillin–Kevin Wooten

#5. Ziggy’s Piggy–Tim Carroll

#6. The Undertakers–Kenny Turbeville

#7. T’s– Tim Waddell

#8. Fair Bluff Rotary–Woody Strickland

#9. Sandy Grove Gospel Cookers–Gilbert Gore

#10. Riverbumz BBQ–Daniel Jones

#11. Fair Bluff Fire & Rescue–Travis Causey

$12. southern Slingers–Brooks Harrelson


Charlie Martin, Keith Fuller, Edgar Hargis and Charles Chestnut.