Pig in the Park

October 16 - 17, 2020 Goldsboro, NC


  1. Kevin Peterson
  2. Chris Fineran
  3. Kevin Wooten

“A family- friendly event to spotlight Wayne County’s history and its barbecue tradition” featuring a pig cook-off, food, vendors, kids’ activities and music with all proceeds supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County.



1st. Kevin Peterson-Showtimes Legit BBQ
2nd Chris Fineran-Beach Boys BBQ
3rd Kevin Wooten-Pickin’ & Grillin’ BBQ
4th Jason Baker-Baker Boys BBQ
5th David Murray-Fired Up BBQ
6th Jeffery Parkhurst-J2
7th John Kantenwein-J3
8th-tie Lewis McDougld-Big Hawg Catering
8th-tie Andy Harrison-Mr. Curley’s Que Crew
10th Jeffery Pearsall-J1



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Mary Ann Dudley