Seaboard Lions Club Memorial Day Pig Pickin’

May 28 - 29, 2021 Seaboard Lions Club Seaboard, NC


  1. Kevin Peterson
  2. Kevin Wooten
  3. Andy Harrison

BBQ Cookoff to benefit the Blind


Seaboard Lions Club
653 Peanut Market Road
Seaboard NC 27876


Judges: Chris Hight, Bo Johnson, David Burke

1. Kevin Peterson- Showtime’s Legit BBQ
2. Kevin Wooten- Pickin’ And Grillin’ BBQ
3. Andy Harrison- Mr. Curley’s Cue Crew
4. Roy Parker – Old Hickory BBQ
5. David Murray
6. Billy Narron- Wicked Pig
7.Charlie Meeks- Captain Charlie’s BBQ
8.Raymond Miles
9.Lewis Mcdougal- Big Hawg BBQ
10.Evan Rose- Where’s Otis BBQ
11.Cody Miles
12. Don Wells


David Burke