Seaboard Lions Club Memorial Day Pig Pickin’

May 28 - 29, 2021 Seaboard Lions Club Seaboard, NC

BBQ Cookoff to benefit the Blind


Seaboard Lions Club
653 Peanut Market Road
Seaboard NC 27876


Judges: Chris Hight, Bo Johnson, David Burke

1. Kevin Peterson- Showtime’s Legit BBQ
2. Kevin Wooten- Pickin’ And Grillin’ BBQ
3. Andy Harrison- Mr. Curley’s Cue Crew
4. Roy Parker – Old Hickory BBQ
5. David Murray
6. Billy Narron- Wicked Pig
7.Charlie Meeks- Captain Charlie’s BBQ
8.Raymond Miles
9.Lewis Mcdougal- Big Hawg BBQ
10.Evan Rose- Where’s Otis BBQ
11.Cody Miles
12. Don Wells


David Burke