Whole Hog Barbecue State Championship

October 1 - 2, 2021 Raleigh


  1. Wesley Bowers
  2. Kevin Wooten
  3. David Grandy

2021 Whole Hog Barbecue Series State Championship:

1st Place: Wesley Bowers – Getting’ Piggy with It – Washington $2,000 +  championship ring

2nd Place: Kevin Wooten – Pickin’ and Grillin’ – Raleigh $1,000 + a trophy

3rd Place: David Grandy – Lazy Days BBQ – Morehead City $500 + a trophy

Blind Taste Test:

1st Place: Chris Fineran – Beach Boys BBQ – Little River, SC $1,000 + a trophy

2nd Place: Dana Peterson – Yabotit ‘Cue – Benson $500

3rd Place (tie): Jason Baker – Baker Boys BBQ – Goldsboro and Kevin Wooten – Pickin’ and Grillin’ – Raleigh $300 each

People’s Choice:

1st Place: DJ Stox – Bull Pen BBQ – Kenly $500 + a trophy

2nd Place: Jeffrey Parkhurst – J-3 Cooking Team – Goldsboro $300

3rd Place: Andy Harrison – Mr. Curley’s Cue Crew – Louisburg $100


1st Place: Kevin Wooten – Pickin’ and Grillin’ – Raleigh $500 + a trophy

2nd Place: Chris Fineran – Beach Boys BBQ – Little River, SC $300

3rd Place: Dana Peterson – Yabotit ‘Cue – Benson $100

Crispy Skin:

David Grandy – Lazy Days BBQ – Morehead City $500 + a trophy

The Whole Hog Barbecue Championship is the culmination of a series of barbecue cook-offs held throughout the state using North Carolina Pork Council-sanctioned rules. The winner of each local cook-off is invited to the state championship to compete for coveted trophies and cash prizes, not to mention bragging rights. In addition to the on-site culinary trophy for best whole hog barbecue, there are also trophies for best sauce, crispy skin and blind-taste judging. .

Each sanctioned event is guaranteed to send at least one cook to the state championship.

2021 Participants:

Wesley Bowers – Gettin Piggy With It
Kevin Wooten – Pickin & Grillin BBQ
David Murray – Fired up Bbq
Billy Narron – Wicked Pig
Andy Harrison – Mr Curley’s Que Crew
Kevin Peterson – Showtime’s Legit BBQ
John Kearney – J-3
Paul Gainey – It’s ‘Quetime BBQ
Dru McDaniel – Hog Havoc
Patrick Dowdee – Fur and Spur BBQ
David Hoffman – Grilling Palms BBQ
Jason Baker – Baker Boys BBQ
Jeffrey Parkhurst – J-3
Chris Fineran – Beach Boy’s BBQ
John Kantenwein – J3 Cooking Team
Dana Peterson – Yabotit Cue
Mike Hemenway – My Sweet Hog
Brooke South – South in Your Mouth Cookin’ Team
DJ Stox – Bull Pen BBQ
Mark Copeland – Pocosin Boys
Charlie Meeks – Captain Charlie’s Cooks
David Grandy – Lazy Dayz
Tim Gupton – Greys Mill Grilling
John Moody – American Piggers


Cooks who are qualified to compete:
(orange indicates they are competing this year)

Kevin Peterson (State Championship 2019)
Chris Fineran (State Championship 2019)
Billy Narron (State Championship 2019)
David Hoffman (BBQ for Paws 2019)
David Murray (BBQ for Paws 2019)
Dru McDaniel (Vander Pig Cookoff 2019)
John Kearney (Vander Pig Cookoff 2019)
Timothy Carroll (Vander Pig Cookoff 2019)
Jason Williamson (Smoke on the Water 2019)
DJ Stox (Smoke on the Water 2019)
Wesley Bowers (American Legion 116 2019)
Kevin Wooten (American Legion 116 2019)
Jason Baker (Clayton Squealin’ on the Square 2019)
John Kantenwein (Pork & Beats Festival 2019)
Timothy Mills (Pork & Beats Festival 2019)
David Grandy (Barbecue Summit Cookoff 2020)
Andy Harrison (Tobs Annual Beer & BBQ Festival 2020)
Ryan Murphy (Brew Blue & Que 2020)
Roy Parker (Cue for the Crew 2020)
Jeffery Parkhurst (Pig in the Park 2020)
Michael Hemenway (Belhaven Breakwater BBQ Festival 2020)
Mark Copeland (Smoke on the Southside 2020)
Samuel Pollard (Smoke on the Southside 2020)
Lewis McDougald (Spencer Penn’s 10th Annual Cook off 2021)
Charlie Meeks (BBQ on the Bluff 2021)
Amy Bell (Festival on the Neuse 2021)
Brooke South (Festival on the Neuse 2021)
Raymond Miles (Seaboard Lion’s Memorial Day Cookoff 2021)
John Moody (Wilson Tobs Beer & Barbecue Festival 2021)
Buck Winbourne (CD 4 CD Barbecue Competition)
Dana Peterson (Springhill Outfitters Pig Fest 2021)
Paul Gainey (Belhaven Breakwater BBQ 2021)
Tim Gupton (BBQ in the Burg 2021)

Cooks who qualified in the 2018-2019 season are eligible to participate this year, but they must participate in at least one contest other than the state championship during the 2020-2021 season. Click to see eligibility requirements


2021 Entry Form  (PDF to fill out and mail)


Jen Kendrick