Stay tuned for updates! Cookers may remain cold for a while longer.

As much as we all want to cook pigs and eat barbecue, the current COVID-19 crisis is having impacts on spring contests. We encourage each organizing committee to talk to your emergency management teams and local health department to make the decision that is best for your local community. We will support you in whatever decision you make.

Cooks, hang in there. The organizers have to make decisions based on feedback from their boards and local authorities. We will be updating the schedule as we get updates. Support the organizers and let them know how much you appreciate them. We’ll be back to cooking whole hogs as soon as possible!

Newport Pig Cookoff – June 12 & 13
Roanoke Chowan – June 26 & 27
Blue Brew & Que – Aug 7 & 8
Pig in the Park – Oct 16 & 17

Homegrown on the Square – TBD
Smithfield Firefighters/Ham & Yam – TBD

Pigskin Pig Off
Barbecue Festival on the Neuse